Our sessions together are an opportunity for you to explore and attend to your inner world. Although often difficult to navigate, our healing process is invariably instructive, an integral part of a much larger process of becoming. Our healing process carries within it invaluable gifts of insight and growth that allow us to move toward wholeness – to live into the fullest expressions of ourselves.

My work within sessions integrates a variety of forms and practices, though foremost among these is listening to the body as it quietly communicates its wisdom through your senses. I listen, find pathways and assist you in giving voice to unheard aspects of being. This evolving articulation affords a direct encounter with what is present in your immediate experience, removed from expectations of how things should be.

Apprehending your experience in this manner gives rise to new perceptions and expanded self-awareness. Ultimately, experiences of healing, insight and transformation rely on the individuals own archaic knowing. My work is to facilitate the circumstances in which you can most readily access that knowing.

Our sessions together can evolve into undertaking a wilderness immersion if such an experience is appropriate for you. However, much of my work with individuals is done solely within sessions.

Sessions are held at 59 Simpson St, Northcote, and also in local parklands when a more involving environment is suitable. Sessions also held on Skype when meeting in person isn’t possible.

Regular session length is one hour

Cost is $100 per session

See Contact page for bookings.