Wilderness environments abound with untrammelled purity of being. Through their silent majesty, towering mountains offer their own unique form of energetic engagement, verdant forests another, meandering canyons and lakes of delicate composure each their own. When engaged with reverence and intentionality wilderness environments have the capacity to affect and inspire us in profound ways.

Wilderness immersions are an opportunity to explore the deeper nature of your own being and its relationship to all that surrounds you. This is an opportunity to remove yourself from everyday circumstances and purposefully engage with the ineffable, living mystery that the natural environment so exquisitely reflects.

A wilderness immersion may be undertaken for many reasons; for the purposes of healing, or moving from one state of being to another, to seek guidance, to explore and enrich one’s personal vision or to establish a deeper connection to oneself and the animate world, to name only a few.

“If you want a teacher, try a waterfall, or a mushroom, or a mountain wilderness, or a storm-pounded seashore.
This is where the action is”
– Terence McKenna



Wilderness immersions evolve from our initial sessions together which allow us to explore the life experiences that have influenced your unique disposition in the world. We will work to gain a shared understanding of your current challenges, aspirations and personal vision.

Once a particular threshold of insight has been reached we then work to co-create an immersive experience that is uniquely relevant and meaningful to you. This foundational work gifts us with the clarity needed to embark on your wilderness immersion with a heartfelt objective in mind – a clear and powerful intention.

With your intention fully crystallised we will be ready to take your process out into the landscape. This can involve anything from a single-day excursion amidst nearby environments, to spending several days in an awe-inspiring wilderness location.

We may find ourselves wandering the jagged mountain ridgelines of Victoria’s breathtaking alpine region, or descending into the yawning mouth of a Hawaiian volcano crater. The location and scope of such endeavours will be informed by your needs and inclinations as they arise.

Once out on the land we will wander where the mystery leads us, connect over hearty meals in camp, sit together in silence, and spend time in wondrous solitude. We will track your dream-world as dreams are the instructive emissaries of the deep psyche where the light of reason is yet to shine.

We will engage with practices that assist us in opening our apertures of perception, as our own embodied experience is the doorway through which deeper connections are made. We will seek to gently calibrate our attunement and soften our boundaries so we may better merge with the dynamic majesty of nature, the very fabric in which the threads of our existence are woven.



Your immersive process may call for the enactment of a self-designed ceremony, to perhaps make an offering of yourself, your tears, your laughter, your grief, your desire, your fear, your presence, your doubt… to boldly stand before the mysterium tremendum holding nothing back.

You may choose to empty yourself both symbolically and physically by fasting in solitude in order to commune deeply and pray for a vision or guidance. You may stare into the transmutational flames of a fire through the night, the stars as your witness.

There are many such processes one may engage in, however, these processes are merely an empty container, a circle scratched in the dirt. It is your own willingness and the degree of earnest intention which you bring to the process that gives it meaning and transformational power, elevating the event from the symbolic to the actual, from the imaginal to the embodied.

Ultimately profound experiences of healing, insight and transformation rely on the individual’s own archaic knowing. My work is to facilitate the circumstances in which you can most readily access that knowing.


“There are layers of realities before us, behind us, around us, and in us, and we stay in a layer no matter how far we travel until the spirit admires our courage and grace and allows us to sprout into another zone of experience”.
– Martín Prechtel


This deepening communion with the land allows our awareness to expand, often subtly at first. We loosen our preconceived notions of how things are or should be and begin to feel the fullness of our authentic sensations and emotions.

The disharmony and hurts of the past are more readily brought to the surface to be healed and integrated. Previously repressed or ‘stuck’ emotions find points of expression. Incongruent thought-forms are perceived and resolved. New energetic pathways and modes of being are discovered and embodied.

Deep transformation occurs through providence, moments of grace that serve to vivify our personal vision or otherwise dramatically reshape our imaginations and embodied experience.

To invite any such experience we must become courageous provocateurs of the mystery, weavers of improbable circumstance who are willing to pursue what we deeply long for rather than trade-in our precious dreams for a life of surrender to the safe and familiar.

This work is for those who desire to ‘re-entagle’ themselves with the earth that bares them, to wilfully wander the mysteries of your own being with nature as ally. Communing with the land and its inhabitants in this way allows us to become re-enchanted with the world and with ourselves. Our vision is restored and can then be focused on revivifying our own lives and the world at large.

If you feel drawn to the possibility of undertaking a wilderness immersion first Contact me to make an inquiry or book a Session.


“Go to the highest mountains, the oldest cities, the deepest deserts, the most remote jungles, and just simply put yourself in these circumstances. The cosmic giggle can get at you.” – Terence McKenna