About Murray

As my own process of becoming has unfolded I’ve formed an insatiable curiosity toward the deeper realms of human experience. I am ever fascinated by the nature of the human soul and the innate capacity each individual has to heal, re-orient and transform themselves. Inspired by curiosity I’ve embarked on many diverse adventures, during which I sought to learn from all those whom I met along the way. As my life experience deepened I became particularly interested in the confluence of western psychology, wilderness self-healing experiences and shamanic practice. To these ends I have studied a degree in Holistic Counselling and engaged in wilderness-based experiential learning with Bill Plotkin’s Animas Valley Institute U.S.A. Most significantly, I have been mentored for the past six years by accomplished curandero Simon Green, who taught me (among other things) what it means to take one’s process of becoming seriously, and how to live in the world with an open and attentive heart.

Over the years my passion for healing and human potential directed me to work as a counsellor in private practice and later to work closely with young people navigating the effects of childhood trauma. Eventually my interests and life experiences culminated in the creation of Inner Wilderness and the unique personal guiding work that I offer. While I’ve been profoundly influenced by the teachings of others, Inner Wilderness is ultimately the product of my own visionary process, vividly invoked through my wayward wanderings and deep engagement with the wild animate world.

About Inner Wilderness